6 Messenger Marketing Campaigns You Need to Try

Plenty of brands use Messenger for abandoned cart reminders, shipping updates, and newsletters. These are all great ways to generate revenue for your brand with Messenger Marketing but it doesn’t end there. Using a chatbot to generate leads and retarget customers is important. Check out our 6 Messenger campaigns you probably haven’t tried yet and our 5 tips for successful Messenger campaigns.

1: Holiday quiz that tags users for better targeting

If you are getting your E-commerce store ready for the holiday you have to try this unique quiz idea that will help you in the long run. As subscriber lists grow from holiday traffic, use the increased Messenger audience to get to know your subscriber base better with attribute tagging. These types of quizzes are fun for subscribers and also give brands the opportunity to get to know their base better and give attributes that will allow for further targeting. For example, in this case subscribers are asked who they are shopping for this holiday, if they choose “dad” they will be sent a more personalized message during Father’s Day.


A lot of E-commerce stores use the holidays to increase traffic, but see a lot of drop off and customer flight afterward. We noticed this and made a (free) webinar about how to turn holiday traffic into long-term customers. You can check it out here.


2: Photo Contest

Messenger allows you to send and receive all types of media and your brand can use this to your advantage by having a photo contest. Give users who submit a photo of your product 15% off their next product. Bonus? Use the photos for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts.

stay cold email send to messenger campaign

3: Email Subscribers to Messenger Giveaway

This one has proven to be a great campaign by brands like Stay Cold Apparel. Paired with website integration, Stay Cold used their email newsletter list to convert email subscribers to higher value Messenger subscribers. They did this with a contest that offered a uniquely designed product.

Everyone wants to keep their email newsletter list, but giving customers their choice in a platform to interact with your brand allows you to improve engagement and awareness. Obviously, the icing on the cake is that Messenger has a 90% open rate and 33% click-through rate which make any newsletter you have automatically more accessible to customers. These higher open rates are extremely beneficial for the success of the campaign.

4. What’s Your Style Ads

Lead generation with Facebook send-to-messenger ads can generate up to 80% more leads at 50% the cost. Unique and fun ads have higher engagement, as Lampenwelt saw first hand in their ‘What’s your type’ Facebook Send-to-Messenger campaign.

Results were that 84% of subscribers finished the conversation and the quiz had a 74% CTR. This is some crazy good

results for an ad that in general cost less than your normal conversion ad in Facebook Ads Manager.

5: Weekly/Monthly/Bimonthly Newsletter

This is more of a practice than a campaign but we couldn’t leave this one out. Our number one ‘don’t’ of Messenger Marketing is spamming. To avoid subscriber loss, you can give users the opportunity to change their newsletter frequency and status. Offering weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly newsletters in your Messenger persistent menu (the menu that shows whenever you open the chat) allows subscribers to change their status and prevents subscriber loss.

6: Guess your favorite color, workout, style, Saturday plans, etc.

Seems like this one is just for fun, but it is similar to the holiday quiz in that it offers you the opportunity to tag users with attributes and use that information later. For fashion brands especially this is one of our favorites because it gives you an insight into a person’s lifestyle that can help to suggest fashion choices in the future.

Tips for Successful Campaigns

A Brainstorming Session on Pen and Paper

When given so many options for engagement, it can be hard to put your finger on how, when, and where you want to engage with customers over Messenger. We recommend sitting down with your team and creating a plan. Things you should definitely include in your plan are:

Engaging (but short) copy

Messenger is a revenue channel that is a bit different when it comes to your copy choices. Campaigns with long messages (over 50 characters per message ) have a much lower conversion rate. The term ‘short and sweet’ has never been more appropriate than when applied to Messenger Marketing.


Videos, photos, gifs, galleries, emojis, and more. Messenger conversations with multimedia have better conversion rates. Warning though, too much might also break the bank. Finding a good balance between multimedia engagement and an overflow of media is a must, but you can easily find your brand’s balance by testing each campaign directly to your phone before sending it out to subscribers.

Engaging Content

Your Messenger subscribers are most likely going to be a younger group and you can use that to your advantage by sharing unique, focused, highly-shareable content with them in Messenger. Your best bet might be fun videos or blogs here, but some brands go straight for instructional videos and webinars off the bat.

Content Follow Ups

Ok, you’ve done these campaigns and tagged users with attributes. Now what? Some brands use this opportunity to follow up with unique content based off of the campaign that the subscriber took part in. In one example, subscribers took a nutritional quiz that recommended a personalized product based off of their lifestyle. After purchasing, the subscriber was sent relevant recipes for that brand. You can do this with your brand even if it’s not recipes. Send fashion tips, cool product features, and reminders to subscription items to keep subscribers engaged.


Are you just starting out your chatbot marketing strategy? Check out the signs that your Ecommerce store is ready to start chatbot marketing.

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