Automate More Marketing with Facebook Messenger


This article highlights 5 features of Facebook Messenger that can help you save time and ad budget

  • Welcome Widgets
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders 
  • Back-in-Stock notification 
  • Delivery updates
  • Customer Segmentation

If you are in e-commerce we know you are managing a million things a minute so we will keep this short and sweet… A new and time (and cost) effective form of marketing is here: Facebook Messenger Marketing. How does Facebook Messenger marketing help save time and money? Let’s break it down.

  1. Welcome Widgets
  2. Abandoned Cart Reminders
  3. Back-in-Stock notification
  4. Delivery updates
  5. Customer Segmentation

Welcome Widget

 Greeting your customers to your site can also increase their spending by an average of 67%.

You might not be able to station a staff at the entrance to your online store, but you can deploy a Welcome chatbot on your landing page to welcome customers and even direct them to a Facebook Messenger Chat with the help of a Facebook Messenger Marketing software. Messenger conversations are very useful to make customers feel special.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Problem: Almost a whopping 70% of shopping baskets will never ever make it to checkout. Solution? Retarget these customers through personalized reminders on Facebook Messenger to let them know you have saved their cart and they can proceed to checkout. Live chats have high click through rates and higher open rates than traditional email marketing so the likelihood of a purchase is higher. *Our pro tip: offer discount codes to encourage conversions.

Back-in-Stock Notifications

Problem? Having demand is good, but not having inventory to meet it is a nightmare. A great solution to this loss is to have customers subscribe to your chatbot for back-in-stock notification. At the same time, you are then free to advertise other products, sales, and more. Using a messaging app like messenger is a great customer service tool and sales tool that can generate sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Shipping Updates

Tracking codes are annoying and you can save yourself the time answering shipping inquires by sending shipping notifications to be proactively sent out via Facebook Messenger using a chatbot. A Facebook messenger bot is easy to set up and can alternatively help grow subscriber list.

Customer Segmentation

Would you promote stilettoes to a male customer? Definitely not your target customer. This is why customer segmentation needs to be at the center of your marketing strategy. No two customers are the same, so tailor your Facebook Messenger Ads based on customer’s characteristics. Save time and budget by marketing directly and only to your target customers. Automatically tag subscribers with IDs that you can use to do customer segmentation. Check out how Your Super Foods mastered segmentation to target their customers more efficiently…

Using click to messenger ads involving a quiz or some type of easy data input gives digital marketers the ability to gather data that which is crucial as a marketing tool to better understand your customers.

Feel the weight lifted off your shoulders yet? There are so many moving parts of a marketing strategy that can be left to automation without compromising on the results. Messenger marketing is a great tool to generate leads, increase customer satisfaction through customer service, and increase your connection through multiplatform engagement. Messenger Marketing is still a hot trend and there so much potential to be uncovered. Chatchamp is here to answer your questions. From GDPR compliance to Facebook Messenger marketing setup, we’re here to help you start your sales with a conversation.

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