Best Facebook Lead Generation Ads Examples

When creating a Facebook Ad Campaign you’ve probably heard about running a lead ads campaign. A campaign like this can generate better qualified leads in comparison to other more traditional ads. Leads also help get useful information out of potential clients to continue the dialogue after the first interaction. Have a look at this article for a more in-depth understanding of Facebook lead ads. That article will give you more information about how much do Facebook lead ads cost among other things. 

The tricky part is that once you know you want to make a lead ad, you then need to come up with the ad itself. This can be tricky especially if you’ve never made a lead ad before and don’t know the ins and outs of lead forms. In this article, we’ll look at some examples of the best results of lead ad types and success stories. 

Great lead ads strategies

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When making a lead ad there are a few tactics you can use to try to get people’s attention. These tactics may increase your conversion rate. Most social media platforms today are very crowded with advertising and it can be hard at times to stand apart from the rest. With these different tips, you’ll be able to gain more qualified leads. 


The first thing to remember when making a lead ad is to give people a reason to fill out the form. To get quality leads that are into your product, you need a call to action that has enough incentive. 

The second thing to consider is what information you will ask from the users who click to fill out your Facebook lead form. Depending on what kind of ad you have or what kind of incentive is given, the information required is not always the same. Asking for too much information can deter people from filling out the form but asking for too little may leave you uninformed of your new leads.

To get high quality leads it is important to target properly. If you are unsure about how to do so it’s always a good start to use the lookalike facebook audience tool. If you target too broadly you may be wasting your money but if you make your audience too narrow you may underperform and fail to qualify enough leads. If you wish to create a good lead ad here is an article explaining how to do so

Now let’s look at some examples of how to use those tactics efficiently.  

Facebook lead generation ads examples: 

Social Proof

People love to feel part of a community and it’s one of the most effective marketing techniques to get people to become customers. Using a CTA technique involving a social benefit will lead people to feel a stronger need to become part of that community.

Ads like this one above use the tactic of saying how many people have already signed up to their email list. Using this number makes the user feel like there’s really something he’s missing out on. 

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Benefit list

Another great technique is to fill the add with a list of all the benefits that they may gain from choosing to sign up. This can stem from a free PDF document or another aspect that would incentivize a user. Using an incentive like benefits that are clearly listed out will show the user what he will gain from giving out his information. An example of a company using this tactic to generate leads is this Ad is the following:

An Ad like this really emphasizes the customer benefits and shows them what they will gain. Ads like this are usually very successful as the call to action is motivated.


Having a giveaway is always something people enjoy! 

Depending on what the prize is you can ask for a multitude of personal information. The advantage of this is that people will fill out the contest form directly in Facebook which has so little friction people tend to submit more often. 


Using a system of deals, promotions, or rewards is a good way to convince people to click on your ad. Making these ads to have a deal that almost seems too good to be true can be a very convincing way to get higher conversion. Things like including a buy one get one free, free item only pay shipping, or other great deals can be very motivating. An example of a brand using this is MakerBot who put out an ad target at educational institutes offering a free 3D printer for every two printers bought.

This Facebook lead gen ad was very successful as an offer like this for schools and universities is very appealing as they are buying many units. 

Extra little tip notice how their picture in the Ad is a school environment it further appeals to their target audience. 

Early Access

As previously said, people love to feel special. Giving people something exclusive or early access has always worked. People pay for VIP tickets and memberships for clubs. This can translate into lead ads by getting people to submit their information in exchange for a perk. 

An example of this is to give people early access to sales or deals before everyone else. This can be done by giving a discount code once they’ve submitted their personal information. 

Overall Facebook lead generation ads are a great way to attract attention to your brand and convert users into customers. As compared to Google ads they are more relatable and can have a larger impact. Creating a lead ad only takes a few simple steps which keep the process accessible to anyone. The new messenger feature with lead ads are a great tool to get into chatbots, and for more complex chatbots tools like Chatchamp can greatly help a business.

It’s important to remember that the best Facebook ads are sometimes the more simple ones. 

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