Learn Absolutely Everything About Chatbots and Facebook Messenger Marketing 

The following article will be a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about everything related to messenger marketing and lead generation. With the power of messenger chatbots, today it’s really important for businesses to understand their power. Today the number of chatbots used by businesses is growing rapidly but it is still a new tactic that can set you apart from your competition. With 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger alone, there is a huge user base to receive your business’s marketing. 

Here are what this article will cover:

  1. What is a chatbot
  2. Best Chatbot use cases
  3. Business applications for chatbots
  4. Messenger marketing 
  5. Best Messenger bots
  6. Best Whatsapp Bots
  7. AI chat
  8. What is a Lead Ads
  9. Best Lead Ads Examples
  10. How Chatchamp fits into it all

What is a chatbot

Chatbots, in essence, are a computer programmed virtual assistant that can perform many different tasks it is built to do. Chatbots are one of the most promising tools a company can use to communicate with its customers. A chatbot can have Artificial Intelligence built into it allowing it to perform more complex tasks that require deeper understanding. This is done through the process of natural language processing which allows the chatbot to not only understand words but also the context of the conversation and extract more relevant data. It is predicted that in the next few years chatbots will most likely take over most of the customer service sector. This would be a huge cost saver for many companies who require large amounts of personnel for the customer service centers. Using tactics like messenger marketing, companies are able to gather useful information about customer preferences and tastes using things like quizzes. The chatbots are able to understand that information and turn it into personalized recommendations for the user. 

There are two main types of chatbots that are widely used today. The first kind is a simple chatbot, one that is very limited in terms of its understanding. This chatbot is much easier to set up. The second type of chatbot is a chatbot that is more complex and more customized for each business. This ai chatbot has more capabilities of understanding and processing. This means it will be able to perform better at chatting and extracting data. This chatbot will most likely cost a bit more for the business but it will have many more benefits. 

Creating a chatbot does not have to be a necessarily complex process like some think. There are two main ways to go about building a chatbot, the first involves creating the chatbot from scratch. This process can be very time and resource consuming as it requires a lot of coding knowledge. This process usually will lead to a more effective and better-performing chatbot as it is built especially for this singular use case. The downsides, on the other hand, include the price tag and the problems that might come along with this one time built chatbot. 

The second way of creating a bot is a more cost-saving one which is to implement a completed chatbot which only requires some slight modification or adjustment to be implemented. These include chatbot Softwares like Chatchamp or Chatfuel. In most general cases a chatbot like this one is used as it saves the companies resources and works well enough to do what they need. 

Best Chatbot use cases

Chatbots have many applications in a business, both to help with internal functions and external functions. Chatbots are mainly used in external functions to interact with customers as many of the tasks are highly repetitive and employing a chatbot can save a lot of money. Using a chatbot for an FAQ related question can save customer support teams a lot of wasted time answering the same simple questions. There is also a lot of potential for companies to use chatbots as online marketing tools to send out newsletters and other updates in a more fun and personalized way. Bots are able to gather information for companies by asking users about their preferences or previous order follow-ups. Companies can also use chatbots to send shipment updates, quizzes, contests, newsletter updates, and other personalized content specific to each user. 

Chatbots are also great lead generation tools, they allow companies to interact with potential leads in a more personalized way rather than a generic form. Using a chatbot can help reduce the cost per lead and also pre-qualify leads to increase conversion.       

Business applications for chatbots

Chatbots can be used in almost all areas of a business to help relieve some form of duties from people. The advantage of using chatbots for businesses to reach customers is that the user group of Facebook Messenger is huge, with 1.3 Billion MAU. This is a great alternative to email marketing which has become completely oversaturated. Another advantage is the low barrier to entry, making it easy for businesses to implement and easy for people to communicate with. 

Businesses can use chatbots as customer service tools, allowing the bot to answer most FAQ questions or managing customer distribution to service agents. They can also send out information like package delivery status, reminders, or other updates. Bots can also be used as a lead generation tool, creating a more personal conversation to qualify the lead. They can be used to replace the traditional lead form on Facebook. This creates a more personal communication channel where the user may be more open to giving out personal information. 

Messenger marketing 

Messenger marketing is based on using the tactic of using Facebook Messenger to send out information to users and customers. As previously stated there are many advantages to using messenger marketing and subsequently chatbots. The very large user base creates a large target audience and the low barrier to entry allows any business to enter this field. This eliminated the need for businesses to create dedicated chats on their website or even separate apps. 

Using Messenger is also super helpful to create meaningful connections as talking to users will feel like a personal conversation which will lead to more personal connections and more likely to purchase. Messenger marketing is a really useful tool for all businesses, it creates value for users and gives them a direct line of communication to businesses, it can help generate quality leads, and it uses machine learning and natural language processing to collect data on customer preferences that will allow for better retargeting. 

Best Messenger bots

There have been hundreds of thousands of companies that have implemented chatbots into their business, but some of these companies have stood out and done very original ideas making them very successful. Here is a list of some of our favorites. Sephora first implemented a chatbot giving its customers to ability to book appointments straight in the chat. They implemented this chatbot in hopes of increasing in-store visitors. This led to an increase of 11% in appointment bookings. Continuing to their success Sephora released a new version of their chatbot where you can “try on” their makeup looks before purchasing them using a camera filter overlay. Mastercard implemented a customer service tool that was able to give clients insight on their spending details and on other FAQs like benefits or offers with Mastercard. It also allowed customers and merchants to make transactions through the chatbot. This allowed Mastercard to increase their customer service interaction and their facebook messenger bot created more engagement.  Pizza Hut saw an opportunity to use the chatbot as an ordering service instead of getting people to download another useless app onto their phones. Using a series of questions people are able to choose their pizza and give their address. This also gave Pizza Hut useful information about customer preferences for future retargeting. The Lego chatbot was another very successful messenger chatbot that was first launched around Christmas time as a personal shopping bot which recommended products to users based on how they answered the quiz. This bot was so successful Lego decided to have it implemented all year round. 

Best Whatsapp Chatbots

On Whatsapp, the use Cases are mostly the same in terms of how chatbots can be implemented into the business practices. The only difference is that Whatsapp is much more picky about what businesses it allows to use their platform to do marketing or other activities related to bots. The Whatsapp Business API is set up differently to the one of Facebook and there are more conditions on how the chatbot can operate. Most messages sent on Whatsapp for chatbot purposes are usually not free like Facebook. This is probably due to the fact Whatsapp is probably trying to keep their users chat as ad-free as possible. An example of a successful Whatsapp bot is Holiday Pirates’ Travelbot which sent out great travel deals using a built-in chat in Whatsapp. The chatbot was able to gather this data to build more understanding of its users. Similarly to how a Facebook chatbot works, a Whatsapp bot has all of the same abilities but lives on a different platform.  

AI chat

Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful resource that still has a lot of progress to be made but also already helps businesses and individuals tremendously. AI is used to perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence like visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Here’s a full in-depth guide on AI. We interact with AI on a daily basis through our interactions with Siri, Alexa, Captcha, and many others. Another form of AI we have seen rapidly grow it the assisted driving AI. Tesla is one of the leading providers of automated driving at the moment. Their cars use AI to learn from previous experience and drive better every day. 

Many companies today use ai chatbots as ways to learn more about their customers and to analyze and use that data to convert more of them into buyers. These are most prominent on Facebook messenger chatbots as they have the lowest cost per click and the largest audience. Whatsapp bots are also used but they are less prominent as Whatsapp is stricter about who can use their platform for robot chat.

One of the biggest challenges related to artificial intelligence chatbots is the natural language processing related to both voice and text. Texting with a chatbot can be difficult and even frustrating at times when it is only programmed to understand very specific words or phrases. Having a chatbot that can understand more colloquial terms can be a huge help to the success of the bot. One of the most successful bots at language understanding was created by Microsoft and is able to understand even when it is being interrupted, which is a big issue with most chatbots. The bot Xiaocle was developed in China by Microsoft as Chinese is one of the most complex languages there are. The chatbot was massively successful mostly due to the fact it’s understanding of context and relationship. XiaoIce was able to pass the Turing test for 10 min, which is the highest of any AI chatbot. The Turing test is a test developed to recognize bots. This means the test failed to recognize XiaoIce was a bot for 10 min. AI bots are also used in other less traditional applications like serving as companions for people with dementia or as a virtual psychologist. UNICEF also implemented a bot into an app to allow people in developing countries to anonymously speak up about urgent issues or needs. This bot led to UNICEF and Liberia’s Minister of education put an end to teachers coercing students into sex for better grades. Overall AI still has a long way to go but has already done so much to improve the world. 

What is a Lead Ads

Facebook Lead ads are some of the most successful ways to generate leads on social media. As Facebook also owns Instagram there is the possibility to create lead ads for there also. Lead ads are a type of ads that will prompt the user to fill out a form straight in Facebook. This form is usually prefilled as most of the basic information like name, email, phone are in your Facebook account info, so Facebook helps you out and fills those boxes for you. This creates a very simple way for companies to gather leads and also be able to prequalify them based on the information they gave. Creating a lead ad is not a very complicated process, but here is a guide on how to create one. Lead ads are also some of the most cost-effective Facebook ads as the leads they generate have more potential than other leads. 

Best Lead Ads Examples

To make a Facebook lead ad successful there are a couple recommendations based on previously successful ads. The best Facebook lead generation ads examples have been able to increase their conversion rate and decrease their cost per lead. The first tip to keep in mind is to keep the lead form as simple as possible or with the fewest steps possible. Reducing the friction in the process will lead to more submissions. It has also been shown that using the technique of social proof has lead to more clicks. People love to feel part of a community and saying things like how many people have already signed up create a social reinforcement. Another great technique that works really well to help convince someone is to list the benefits they will receive from filling the form. Giving a reward is also a successful strategy as people have a hard time saying no to free stuff. An example of this would be to do deals like buy two and get the third free, or free item only pay shipping. The final Facebook lead ad example proven to be largely successful is giving early access. People love to feel special and allowing someone to access something before others can be a very convincing aspect for many. This can be built into Facebook lead gen ads by giving a discount code once the person has submitted the form. 

How Chatchamp fits into it all

Chatchamp is a chatbot provider that helps companies generate leads more effectively. Creating a chatbot in this service is extremely easy, with no coding experience needed. Chatchamp is also compatible with most CRM tools like Hubspot and Salesforce, giving you a fully automated process from start to finish. The features offered by our services also give businesses the ability to send out reminders like newsletters, quizzes, or cart abandonment. All of these features are easily accessible in one platform that will also give you detailed reports and analysis on what performed well and what did not. Learning how to make a messenger chatbot through the Chatchamp is extremely simple and takes only a matter of minutes to understand how the platform works.

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