Chatchamp’s Redesign

Take Aways:

Chatchamp has become more tailored to its customers.

New features include A/B Testing, segmentation, and CRM integration.

Classic chatchamp features like abandoned cart reminders, shipping updates, order confirmations, campaigns, and growth tools are here to stay.

Addressing the elephant in the room: chatchamp isn’t the right software for every business. While many in the chatbot business claim they can be integrated with any site and used by clients small to large, we are pretty sure that when it comes to software, one size doesn’t always fit all. When you’re looking at marketing software as an online store, one that specializes in e-commerce business is best. 

What are the best classic features of chatchamp?

 What are the biggest changes to chatchamp?

Over the last two months, chatchamp has released some really exciting new features that help our clients use Facebook Messenger marketing easier and faster.  Probably the most noticeable is our improved botbuilder that makes creating unique and attention-grabbing Facebook Messenger campaigns as simple as drag and drop.

A/B testing 

Not sure if which messages work better? Want to test your marketing to improve your message? A/B testing is a must for all marketing departments. Use chatchamp’s new A/B testing feature to better target your customers.

CRM Integration

There is no doubt that integrating CRM with Facebook helps save time, increase leads while lowering costs, and leads to higher sales. Chatchamp is excited to announce that our software is now CRM integration friendly.


The new segmentation feature allows users to group subscribers by asking customers questions. Using the segmentation feature allows you to better target customers based on their interests. 

Overall though the redesign Chatchamp was able to give a cleaner more sleek look to its platform. Making the click through rate more apparent, giving more precise marketing tools to the users, and also making the messenger bot smarter and more reactive. The Improved bot builder allows messenger chatbots to be created extremely easily. These features put messenger marketing another step ahead of email marketing and make it easier to get these higher open rates. The A/B testing allows our users to better understand their customers and thus improve customer service.

Do you have questions about chatchamps new features? Interested in more details about how subscriber and user data is stored with chatchamp? Contact us at  

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