Deep Dive Into AI Chat

What is AI

Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful resource that has the potential to revolutionize the world. AI has been a term used around for many years related to different areas of society. Artificial Intelligence is defined as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. In short, AI is a computer able to perform tasks usually needing humans or doing better than humans. AI has fascinated people for many years and has made its way into many movies, with the first AI related film Metropolis that came out in 1927! Since then we’ve seen many forms of AI in movies from Avengers to Ex Machina. But how can we use AI in marketing, customer support and sales to drive better results?

Expectations vs Reality

Today AI is actually very far from those expectations people have but is improving every day. There are many instances of us interacting on a daily basis with some form of AI, be it through the internet or in real life. AI chat is one of the main ways we interact with AI, these chats are used for things like customer service, entertainment, marketing, and many other applications. There are many companies currently taking a crack at making a conversational AI capable of doing complex tasks, companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. The Facebook chatbot M was very successful and popular but was later shut down for unknown reasons.

What is good to note is the fact that perfect artificial intelligence is still only a concept, a goal people seek to reach one day. Today artificial intelligence is not perfect and still resembles more like an advanced chatbot more than anything. AI includes machine learning which is that the computer will learn from experience and remember useful information for future use. This is used in many fields today to help business people in their activities. Machine learning basically involves a human teaching a computer how to perform a task, and the more data or input the computer gets the smarter it’ll be for future uses. Many bots today like customer service or assistant bots use machine learning.

A Good Example

One of the ones we interact with the most is Captcha, the “prove you’re not a robot” step we see on a daily basis when entering personal data like your email on a website form. There is also other software that is taught a baseline of functions and then will learn and get better as they interact with the world. An example of this is the Tesla autopilot feature that will learn and remember how the road looked like once it’s been driven on and the more you drive the better it’ll get. AI chatbots also fail sometimes as some of them are unable to understand words that are not preprogrammed into their system, here is an example of that.

How Companies Use Them

Companies have also implemented messenger chatbots into their business models, using them as customer support to eliminate the very repetitive tasks that are asked on a daily basis. These messenger bots are also very useful to generate leads for businesses by qualifying which customers are more likely to purchase. Many companies today use ai chatbots as ways to learn more about their customers and to analyze and use that data to convert more of them into buyers. Read more about how businesses can use chatbots here. These are most prominent on Facebook messenger chatbots as they have the lowest cost per click and the largest audience. Whatsapp bots are also used but they are less prominent as Whatsapp is stricter about who can use their platform for robot chat.

One of the trickiest parts of AI chat is to make the language sound natural if a human is texting a bot you need to learn how to train the chatbot to understand properly even if there may be mistakes or colloquial terms. For the bot to also be able to respond in a non-monotone way is important. One of the best speaking chatbots which was created by Microsoft is able to still listen and understand when it is being interrupted which is a very big issue for most ai bots. Integrating AI into chatbots drastically improves the usefulness for real-world applications, making them more than just a programmed talking machine but an assistant to aid you in any way possible. These can be applied to personal life or business application, working alongside humans to make some tasks easier or to take over them completely. Practical applications of AI chatbots include virtual assistants, online marketing tools, customer support, and many more.

What to Remember

In Summary artificial intelligence is still a work in progress that has already accomplished a lot of great things for the world and made a large impact on businesses and many other areas of society. AI can be applied to almost any field in the world and help positively impact it. Overall AI chatbots are still very young as artificial intelligence is still in its early stages of development with many great things still to come. Chatbots are one of the most promising and powerful tools for businesses and every business should consider implementing one into their business. If you’ve never used Chatbots before it’s super easy to start.

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