Facebook Messenger Ads — What Businesses Need to Know

In just the last couple of years, Facebook Messenger has proven itself to be a rising marketing channel that all brands out there should keep a lookout for.
We are betting on Messenger Marketing to be the new marketer’s pet phrase!

With more than 1.3 billion users and survey results showing over 50% of customers who are more likely to shop with businesses they can message directly, it is hard to look away from the wealth of advantages that are left for businesses to mine from the Messenger platform.

You probably are very familiar with normal Facebook ads, but here is why you should be shifting your focus to ads in Facebook Messenger instead:

  • Messenger lets you reach your target audience in a minimal noise environment
  • You can reach your audience faster in their preferred medium
  • Messenger gives you the opportunity to later reach out to your audience on a personal level

What are Facebook Messenger Ads

Unlike normal Facebook ads, Messenger ads are mostly aimed to drive audiences to start a conversation with you on Messenger.

This is to drift away from the one-way conversation style where businesses just broadcast their ads on Facebook. Instead, Messenger ads promote a two-way conversation where your audiences are actively involved and engaged. As social media today is starting to get overrun by advertising, it is important to find new alternatives. For a digital marketer, Facebook Messenger ads can be that 1:1 channel for customer communication which can be customized to be more targeted.

Types of Facebook Messenger Ads

There are 3 main types of Messenger ads:

  • Facebook Messenger as the destination
  • Facebook Messenger sponsored messages
  • Facebook’s Comment-to-Messenger feature

The ads work best in different scenarios, so it depends on the advertiser’s aim. We will now proceed to explore each of them.

1. Facebook Messenger as a Destination

Most of the Facebook ads you see includes a call-to-action button that redirects users to install an app or visit a product page. However, do you know that you can also redirect them to your Messenger? This is exactly what the Messenger destination ads do.

These ads prompt users to start a conversation with the business on Messenger — whether it is regarding customer support, a new product, or even to retrieve freebies and discount codes. This can be implemented with a click to messenger ad.

And why this is better than the other ads you ask?

This is because every user who contacts your business on Messenger immediately becomes a subscriber! This means that you will have the chance to reach out to them again later to do your retargeting.

Ads with Messenger as the destination can appear on 3 different platforms — Facebook news feed, Instagram feed, and Messenger app home page.

If you are looking to generate more awareness and build up your Messenger subscribers list, this is a good way to achieve that. Once they are in your Messenger, it is easier to get their 100% attention without all the background noises (like those on busy new feeds).

2. Facebook Messenger Sponsored Messages

This one here essentially means that your ad messages are being sent directly into an existing Messenger conversation you had with your target audience.

Instead of having your ads appearing on the Facebook newsfeed, your target audience now sees your ad as a private message sent to them on Messenger. This type of ad ensures that your message gets seen by your audience.

When users tap on your ad, you can send them to a landing page, an app, or even start a conversation on Messenger with your business.

However, you need to take note that this type of ad only works for users who have previously contacted your business via Messenger. Otherwise, your business does not have the permission to reach out to them via messages on Messenger.

Facebook charges for these ad placements, regardless of whether the user opened your message. But, there is a workaround for this. By using a 3rd party chat manager (e.g. chatchamp), you can retarget these users without having to fork out the extra advertising dollars.

3. Facebook Comment-to-Messenger Feature

Alright, so this one is not really an ad per se. But, it is still a brilliant trick to achieve a better ad run.

Comment-to-messenger is a fairly new feature that was released by Facebook not too long ago. With this new feature, users are able to comment specific words on your Facebook post which will then automatically redirects them to start a conversation with you on Messenger.

Look at the example below. People were tasked to comment on the post with the word “Guide” to receive a free guide.


Everyone who commented with the correct keyword was then sent a message in their Messenger inbox. The message prompts them to reply BEFORE the receive the link to the free guide.

This step here is crucial. Only after they have messaged you, then will they be registered as your subscribers.


This could be a great strategy to significantly increase your ad’s relevance score. Rule of thumb is that the more positive comments like and shares an ad gets, the higher its relevance score.

Ads with higher relevance score will be broadcasted to a larger reach of audience and this also lowers your ad cost!

Start experimenting with these Facebook Messenger ads. Once you have built up a substantial list of Messenger subscribers, it will get even easier for you to fully realize the potential of what Messenger Marketing can do for your business.

We also filmed a video to help you understand the concept better 👇


Good luck! 🍀

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