The Future of Chatbot Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

As more and more brands are opting for personalized customer communication, chatbot marketing is becoming a crucial part of Ecommerce marketing strategies. Why? Because messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have very high open and click-through rate and they allow brands to interact with customers on a more 1:1 basis, making their customer journey interactive and personal.

Messengers are Changing the Face (and voice) of Marketing

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How? Simply by being the most responsive and customizable channel of communication. It gives both the marketer and the customer an equal opportunity to learn more. While marketers can create brand awareness at a personal level, customers can learn more about how the products are relevant to them by interacting with the brand directly.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

For every 1 hour in email, the average customer spends 8 hours in Messengers. Now along with that, consider the fact that Messenger has a 90% open rate and 33% click-through rate – you have a channel that’s not just relevant to your customers but also highly engaging. Marketers can leverage this to create a brand personality and get to know the target audience better.

Conversational Communication

Whether you are an online retail company or an insurance firm, switching from the traditional broadcasts (ads, commercials) to a conversational mode of communication adds value to your customer journey by making it interactive. Communication is most effective when is two-way. Whether it is sending shipping updates or customer loyalty programs, a two-way channel ensures a precise exchange and faster results.

The Risk of Overuse

Messengers provide a brand new channel for brands to test their ROIs but as it is with all other channels, they must be handled carefully by the modern marketer to not spam the audience.

Make Your Bot Honest

Many brands make the mistake of humanizing their bot. We suggest you stay away from that. Instead of naming your bot like a human, name it after the company so that it’s a point of contact. Keep the messages short and simple. Transparency garners trust. Trust builds relationships and hence is extremely important for customer retention.

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The Twitter Rule

There’s a reason Twitter follows a certain word count – less is more. Keep your messages under 100 characters to make them more appealing to your audience. Use emojis, gifs, videos, pictures, and more to make your text more lively.

Make It a Visual Experience

Messenger Marketing software like Chatchamp helps you to add multimedia files to the messages. Make sure to utilize that to make your bot more visual. Add image galleries, gifs, videos and more to engage your audience better.

GDPR Compliance

Give your customers the option to unsubscribe at any point in time so that they know that they can stop receiving messages from you. This way your bot is not only GDPR compliant but also staying clear of being spammy.

The Short and Sweet of It

Messengers come with opportunities for the new marketer but it’s also the marketer’s responsibility to use it carefully. Be sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to optimize your content strategy. Using a new channel gives your brand more exposure and starting it early is always a good idea since the market for Messenger isn’t saturated yet.

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