GDPR and Chatchamp: How does it affect GDPR messenger

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GDPR is new and rules will have to be further defined by the courts. These rules apply to anyone with customers in Europe, not just European companies.

What is GDPR?

Simply put, GDPR is a regulation for data protection and privacy for everyone. It primarily aims at giving control to individuals over their personal data and simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. Its main goal is to make sure you obtain consent from users and that data is more closely guarded.

We tackled 5 frequently asked questions about GDPR and chatchamp.
There are 6 main ways to easily gain subscribers through opt-ins:

GDPR changes a lot for the world, but chatchamp is making sure customers can easily navigate those changes without a hitch.

Let’s dive your frequently asked questions about how GDPR could impact your account. Important noteNo one can be sure about all the specifics. GDPR is new and all aspects have not been interpreted by courts yet. That being said, chatchamp is here to make sure that your Facebook Messenger marketing is GDPR compliant.

I’m not based in Europe, am I even affected?

Simply, the answer is yes. If you do business in Europe or have customers in Europe, you are required to follow GDPR regulations. For a super detailed explanation, see here.

Can I receive my subscribers’ data and delete if they request it?

Yes. See here.

What if I upload my customer’s information somewhere else like mailchimp or a management software?

If a subscriber requests you to delete their data, you need to delete it there too.

What will chatchamp do with my customers’ data?

Per GDPR requirement, personal data will be deleted from a subscriber profile 90 days after they unsubscribe.

Should I just go back to email and ditch Facebook Messenger?

If you really want to you could, but GDPR makes Facebook Messenger marketing even more effective compared to email marketing.


It’s a little complicated and a lot of the law is vague, but to stay GDPR compliant, you have to receive separate opt-ins for different interactions.
With Facebook Messenger, opt-in requests become part of a smooth customer tailored conversation, rather than an emailed broadcast that, on average, receives fewer responses and produces fewer subscribers.

How can I get subscribers to opt-in to Facebook Messenger?

Here is a quick look into some of our favorites opt-in tools under the ‘Growth’ tab

1. Messenger Opt-in Checkbox

A customer checks the box to agree on receiving updates about his order via Facebook Messenger and proceeds to add an item to their cart. Once the item is added into the cart, the customer is now your subscriber.

2. Customer Chat Plugin

Using this plug-in on your site is a great way to keep customers happy with fast response times and get subscribers while you’re at it.

3. Exit-Intent Popup

Exactly how it sounds, when a customer goes to close a window, a popup with a discount code, giveaway, etc. is triggered. The code is sent to Facebook Messenger and you gain a subscriber.

4. Add to cart Widget

Another subscribe incentive can be triggered at checkout with a send to Facebook Messenger discount code.

5. Facebook Messenger Ads

Instead of routing ads to a product page, consider making Facebook Messenger Ads that give you a larger subscriber base.

6. Messenger URL

If you already have updated your GDPR opt-ins for email newsletters, consider adding your Facebook Messenger URL code to your newsletters and product tags as well!

Do you have questions about GDPR compliance in your Facebook marketing strategy? Interested in more details about how user data is stored with chatchamp? Contact chatchamp at

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