Generate Leads in Messenger with Automated Chat

Facebook has just launched a brand new feature on its lead generation ads that allows people to create very simple forms of chatbots! 

So Facebook has just rolled out a feature on a select few Ad manager accounts giving people the opportunity to click a send-to-messenger button which will then ask them to fill out the lead form through a series of questions on Facebook Messenger. This new feature has been commented on by Facebook in this Help Center Page. Have a look at this article which will give you everything you need to know about lead ads on Facebook

Lead gen ads are very useful for businesses to get quality leads and usually result in better results than regular ads depending on the target customer. 

Where to Find it

In your ads campaign under an ad set, you’ll be able to create a lead ad. In the edit of this ad, the feature looks like this in the Ads Manager page: 

Under the Messenger Setup, choosing the generate leads drop-down menu, you are now able to create a chat. Once you click on this button to create a chat, a popup menu will appear giving the option to create an intro message. 

After this intro message, you’ll be able to make custom questions that have either predefined answers or short answers. 

Under these answer options, there are preset user information options. These options are basically the equivalent of filling out a form on Facebook Lead Ads. You also have the possibility to customize the thank you message once the user has finished the series of questions. 

What to know about the feature

In the rules of Facebook, you are able to send a follow-up completion reminder within the following 24 hours of the user not finishing the sequence of questions. You will also have to link to your business’s privacy policy. 

This Automated Chat system is a great stepping stone into the chatbot world for companies who aren’t yet sure if they’d like to use chatbots in their services. This tool is very simple and uses no logic only data collection. Because of this, there are many limitations to the performance of this Automated chat. For a more proficient ai chatbot that can perform smarter tasks and use logic to answer the questions asked by the users, there are options like the Chatchamp chatbot or other chatbots that can be used. Using Chatchamp services allows businesses to turn their website forms into Facebook messenger dialogues. An example of this is the following client, Audibene, who use this feature.

Using messenger chatbots to generate leads is much more engaging for users and creates more personal conversations. In the case of Audibene, they generated 86% more leads compared to their website and lowered their cost per lead by 50%. When using the correct target audience you’ll be able to collect leads from your Facebook lead form that will be much more successful if they stay within the social media platform and don’t go to a landing page on your 

Messenger Lead Ads vs Lead forms

When comparing normal lead form ads on Facebook to chatbot lead ads, there are a few differences that can play a large role in the success of these campaigns. The advantage of a normal lead form is that you stay on the same platform to fill the form, this keeps engagement up. Another advantage of using a regular lead form is that Facebook will prefill a lot of the information asked. This makes the process super easy for the user which increases completion rates. The main disadvantage of using a traditional lead form is that the form can be very generic and people might be unwilling to just give out their information.

On the other hand, using a chatbot with a lead ad can help increase conversion through a couple reasons. The first advantage of using a chatbot is that the information collection process is much more personal and so the user will most likely more easily give out his/her data. Another advantage is that you can fully customize the question process and make it a fun and memorable first interaction with your customers. Having the user finish the form on a chatbot can also be useful as you then have access to send him more information in the future and retarget them. Using a chatbot also has disadvantages like the fact that it will take the user to another app or platform which sometimes can deter the user from completion. Giving out your information can take more time through a chatbot than on a prefilled form.

Other possibilities to generate leads with Facebook

There are many ways a company can use lead ads to generate leads and many different tactics to use to maximize success. The first thing to remember when creating a lead form is to make sure you have the least amount of steps possible and reduce the friction for the user. This will ensure they don’t turn away from completing the form. These Facebook lead generation ads can be very successful if the company gives the user an offer that is too good to refuse. Other ways to generate leads on Facebook include using Facebook ads to promote an app download or a website click. This can be done in different ways and depending on the ad type can be very successful. 

Overall the important information to remember is that this new Facebook automated chat feature is a very big update for advertisers on Facebook and a proof that Facebook is putting more effort and emphasis on chatbots. This feature is a good test to show the opportunity chatbots have, but with its limitations. This then opens the door for companies like Chatchamp to step in and provide a much more proficient chatbot that uses NLP and AI to have better conversations. 

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