How to: Apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging Permissions

Update: Facebook has indefinitely extended the subscription messaging deadline.

Subscription Messaging permissions give you the ability to send non-promotional messages to your user base, creating opportunities for ongoing engagement and promotional follow-ups – this feature was previously included in any third party Messenger Marketing sign up, but Facebook is now changing this setting so it must be requested by the page.

Facebook Subscription Messaging permission is required for shops needing to send out broadcasts with chatchamp. You can read more about this update from Facebook here.

Time for Set-up: 5-10 Minutes, Review time: 5-10 days.

How to do it:

  1. Go to your individual Page Settings – Messenger Platform
  2. Under Subscription Messaging in the Advanced Messaging Settings section, click the Request button.

The Application

  1. News- Additional Details

Include two+ examples but make sure they aren’t promotional.


2. Confirm that your page won’t send promotional messages. 3. Save as draft

  1. Advanced Messaging Settings – Info About People
  2. Confirm for Gender, Language, and Time Zone

Next, apply for customer information

Applying for Info About People Permissions

  1. Advanced Messaging Settings – Info About People
  2. Confirm for Gender, Language, and Time Zone

Click ‘Confirm’ for Gender, Language Locale and Time Zone.


3. Provide the reason your page needs access to this information

Ex: Gender for copy reasons, language to provide correct language content, Time Zone in order to send messages at relevant times.

4. Click Save and Send for Review

That’s it! You are done. Have questions about if you need to request permissions? Let us know at

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