How to use a Facebook chatbot as a business?

There is a huge buzz today about Facebook chatbots and everything they can do for a business. Chatbots are expected to represent the majority if not the entirety of the customer service market within the next couple of years. There is a particular interest on Facebook Messenger bots as Facebook has 1.3 billion people using Messenger each month.

What exactly are these chatbots capable of? There are a lot of possibilities being explored and we are still in the early stages of applying these to businesses. With all of this, it is important for businesses to recognize the potential and use this trend while it is still booming.

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What are Facebook chatbots?

In essence, a chatbot is a computer programmed virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to respond and communicate with people via different text platforms. Bots are used to mainly at the moment to respond to simple customer service questions. This has already eliminated repetitive customer questions that people needed to answer and allowed customer service agents to deal with more complex issues better.

For a better understanding of chatbots, check out this article about what is a chatbot. It’ll give you a very good understanding of it all. Chatbots also automate communication for the facebook pages within messenger, giving businesses a better online presence that is required today.

Chatbots are a very powerful tool for businesses and the earlier a business adopts it the better it’ll be for their performance.

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Why should your business use Facebook Chatbots?

As a business, there are multiple reasons that you should implement a Facebook chatbot into your services.

The first main advantage is that this area of customer service is so new that it still has a huge potential. With Facebook having 1.3 billion users monthly there is a huge potential audience and not many advertisers have jumped onto the bot train yet. Besides customer service chatbots are also a great tool for messenger marketing. With email marketing being completely overrun and huge competition, using messenger is a new alternative that has much higher open rates and engagement rates.

Another great advantage of chatbots is that there is a very low barrier to entry from both sides of the interaction. It is extremely easy for a business to create a Facebook chatbot and there very few costs associated with acquiring and maintaining a chatbot. Businesses have to ability to create a dialogue with their customers on a platform they already know and love, this eliminated the need for people to have to be on your website or app to talk to you. Using messenger is most efficient and creates a large pool of potential customers for a business.

Other advantages that come with using messenger is you are able to create connections with your customers and build a better relationship with them. Directly reaching your audience allows for a more personal dialogue where the customer is more likely to open up to the company. This allows a company to gain a better understanding of their customers and target them better in the future.

As the bots are usually made to make the customers experience as easy as possible, most of the time the customer only needs to press a couple of buttons and that’s it. This easy interaction causes clickthrough rates to be higher than on email. The bots are also able to better generate leads and know how to talk to potential customers.

When setting up a bot, you can even have it sell directly through messenger. Once the bot has gained an understanding of what the customer likes, it is able to show recommendations to products he/she may like. This leads to higher purchase rates. As the database the bot builds grows, the bot can also retarget the customer down the line.

Examples of businesses using Facebook Chatbots

As bots can be tailored to each company that it serves, all of them are very unique. Facebook Messenger Chatbots have the ability to do common customer service questions like answering FAQ questions, making appointments, shipment tracking updates. But they are also a very powerful discovery tool, giving customers recommended products, doing follow-ups, cart abandonment, remember the size you wear. Here are some great examples of companies using chatbots :


LEGO first introduced its first Facebook Chatbot Christmas 2017 and after a large success implemented a year-long 24/7 bot that recommended products to customers and answered common questions. The bot was mainly advertised on the LEGO Facebook page and the results were very excellent. LEGO reported a 3.4x higher return on ad spend, 71% lower cost per purchase when clicking through messenger.

Marriott first introduced their bot in 2016 when they merged with Starwood to help customers. When they saw the success the bot had they decided to extend its capabilities and turn it into a booking bot where guests can enter dates and destinations and book a room straight from this bot. This bot saved time for both Marriott and customers. The bot also went further and gave customers insight on the upcoming destinations they were traveling to.

The advantage that these two companies and many others have gained from chatbots is that the feedback customers give is collected and analyzed. These chatbots listen as well as they talk.

Tools you can use to build a Facebook chatbot

To build a bot there a couple of ways you can go about doing so. The simple way to create these automated conversations is to purchase a ready-made chatbot that needs to be personalized or to subscribe to a service like Chatchamp which easily allows you build your chatbot using text cards, add blocks and buttons and implement it. The more complex option is to build your own chatbot from scratch which requires technical coding knowledge.

Tips and Tricks to use with your Facebook chatbot

Overall the things to remember when creating a Facebook chatbot is to have a clear call to action inputs inside and outside of the bots and to use the messenger platform as a tool to grow your business alongside all the other tools you already use. Avoiding generic robot-like answers and making your bot a fun thing to interact with will make customers more engaged with it. Use conversational natural language to improve that.

Businesses should implement Facebook chatbots as soon as they can as this tool will definitely allow them to grow their customer satisfaction and interaction.

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