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Qualifying leads with landing page forms have been done since the internet began and is honestly getting a bit old. The market needed shaking up and new techniques in lead qualification have changed to become mobile-friendly. Lead generation chatbots make your brand more present, not only to a wider variety of ad options, but gets you in the hands (literally) of potential customers. Qualifying your leads in Facebook & Instagram doesn’t mean they stay there. Via webhook, you can send lead information to your CRM for a seamless handoff between ad, qualification, and sales representative.

Why Facebook

Besides the fact that there are millions upon millions of Facebook users, many companies already have a Facebook marketing strategy. Scaling your Facebook ad strategy with Messenger is especially easy because marketers can use their saved, retargeting, and previously used audiences to push this.

Why Facebook & Instagram Send-to-Messenger ads

You probably know that Facebook offers an ad that prompts a lead generation form. These ads don’t seem to be performing well and qualification through conversatioun is showing some great returns. We worked with one customer who was looking to scale their lead generation with Send-to-Messenger Facebook ads. They ran two ads, one that went to their website form, and another that prompted a qualification bot.

With the Send-to-Messenger ad, this client increased their leads generated by 80%. Even more impressive, those leads cost 50% LESS than the leads generated with the ad that went to the website form. The client scaled this strategy to 10 different markets and is qualifying the majority of their leads with Facebook Messenger now. 

How to set up a Facebook & Instagram Send-to-Messenger Ad

The basics of your ad-set up are covered in this video I made while taking a deep dive into this topic. To start things off right, make sure that you choose ‘Messages’ as your campaign objective. Then on the ad set level, clarify your audience. Here it is possible to reuse past audiences or retarget website visitors. You can also run multiple audiences to A/B test and find out your highest converting audiences.



Best practices for Lead Generation Chatbot Set-up

Setting up your bot is quite easy, but also prone to error. Setting up a chatbot to qualify use is easy when you have a good handle on the big questions you want to ask leads. Here are the best practices for setting up your qualification chatbot to be a lead machine

  • Keep your copy short. To be exact, keep it under 100 characters per message. This seems like nearly nothing, but we are living in a character limit era and short and sweet copy will improve your conversion rate.
  • Know what you need to ask, and only ask that. Along with keeping things short, ask the minimal questions to qualify the lead.
  • Don’t try to be human. We’re living in the 21st century and Facebook users aren’t expecting to click an ad and immediately talk with a sales rep in chat. Don’t try to be clever by giving your bot a human name or trying to replicate human-like interactions. Instead, name the bot your company (ex. “Hi, you are speaking with Tom’s Insurance Care”).
  • Make sure to set up your webhook to your CRM correctly! You can double check this by sending the campaign to your personal Facebook account and entering in test information.
  • Set up Slack or Facebook notifications for out-of-bot communication.
  • Multimedia is always an option in messengers. If you are trying to cut down your character count even lower, use emojis, pictures, galleries and more to cut it down.
  • MOST IMPORTANT! Set up a retargeting bot that captures subscribers who didn’t finish the quiz and sends them a reminder message in 2-3 days. This will capture more leads and significantly decrease your CPL.

After Setup

Do all these things and you are on the right track to a lead generation campaign that stands out from the others. Set a weekly reminder to check the analytics for your campaign and your chatbot and you’ll be ready to optimize for the best results. Make sure to test your campaign completely before launching! 

Chatchamp helps businesses scale their lead generation efforts by offering an easy to use drag-and-drop bot builder that makes the creation of qualification bots a snap.

Curious about Chatbots?
You want to implement WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger Bots for your business?
Check out Chatchamp for further examples how to use chatbots to generate more leads and increase your revenue. Feel free to book a demo with one of our experts to see how your business can implement and benefit from chatbots.

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