Increase Sales With Messenger Marketing

Chatchamp connects your store and Facebook page with our bot building software for Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Create fun and engaging campaigns, retarget abandoned carts, scale your Facebook ads strategy, and more.

Chatchamp helps these ecommerce stores to sell more

Meet our exciting customers:

“In our first test we saw 70% increase in reach, 85% increase in lead- volume and in the same time almost 40% decrease in lead costs. That’s huge for us. It’s a gamechanger.”

Alex Braman
Director Social Marketing Audibene /

“We’ve seen Opening Rates up to 90%, Click-Rates up to 20%. Visitors are opting in via a popup and engaging in the chat with quizzes, new promotions and product updates.”

Caspar Rogalla
Head of Marketing Hummingbird

How does it work?

Retarget abandoned carts

Recover abandoned carts by sending customers automatic reminders. Set up auto-remarketing campaigns via Messenger and always have customers finish their purchase.

“We’ve seen audiences engage an insane amount on Instant Messenger — 619% more than email”

Connor Cirillo
Conversational Marketing Manager

Engage with Send-to-Messenger Facebook Ads

Lead generation campaigns with chatchamp are a boost to your Facebook marketing strategy. Acquire, qualify and export lead information with chatchamps easy to use Messenger Marketing software.

Increase number of generated leads via qualification by 80% for up to 50% less CPL.

Order Confirmations and Shipping Updates via Messenger

Enable smooth 1:1 communication with your customers wherever they are. Send order updates and parcel delivery notifications, ask for feedback, answer questions or measure real-time NPS.

Automate More Marketing

Segment customers based on events or custom parameters such as last order or date of last contact. Send relevant content and personalized offers to the specific segment and always amaze your customers.

Schedule Campaigns

Send the right message at the right time

Measure your lead generation with Deep and Easy to Read Analytics

Use data-driven marketing to scale and improve your lead generation. Make data-driven improvements to your campaigns based on engagement and improve CLV.


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Software Features

Drag-and-drop Campaign Builder
The easy to use drag-and-drop campaign builder makes creating unique and captivating content a snap.

Retargeting Tools
Automatically send subscribers abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations, and shipping updates.

Growth Tools
Use chatchamp growth tools to gain more subscribers through your website, customer chat, Facebook Messenger Ads, and more.

Helpful Integrations
Integrate chatchamp with Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento and CRM systems Salesforce and Pipedrive.

Full Dashboard
Use the chatchamp dashboard to see real-time updates on revenue and growth.

Marketing Automation
Save yourself time by automating more of your marketing through broadcasts, campaigns, and sequences.

ROI Tracking
Get measurable and reportable results with our ROI tracking tool.

Smart Segmenation
Group subscribers into segments by asking questions to better target them in the future.

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