What Messenger Marketing is (and Isn’t)

While you are reading this, 3 billion people are actively using Facebook and even more are active on Whatsapp. Together, that’s more than half of the world’s population. This giant audience is what makes messenger so interesting for your Ecommerce store.

What is Messenger Marketing?

It is really as simple as it sounds, Messenger Marketing opens a new line of communication between businesses and customers. These hyper-responsive channels are not just for sending the occasional update but also for reaching out to your customers on a regular basis. Send updates to customers about order confirmation, shipping status, post-purchase questionnaires, new products, sales, and more.

Okay, so we know what it is, but…

Why Messenger Marketing?

…because, (and I cannot say this enough) Messenger is a two-way communication channel which allows a more 1:1 interaction with your customers and consistently offers high open rates and click-through rates. Messenger Marketing helps you replicate the real-life seamless conversation which adds more value to your customer communication all while engaging with customers.

Why is Messenger Marketing Relevant?

Messenger Marketing compared to Email Marketing Messenger Marketing is more efficient than many existing channels because it is automated, responsive 24/7 and gives marketers new opportunities to target existing and potential customers on a platform where they are already spending a lot of their time. Studies show that for every 1 hour of email, people spend 8 hrs in messengers.  

However, the biggest advantage of Messenger is that you can tailor your campaigns to create retarget abandoned carts, engage with quizzes, reward customer loyalty, receive feedback and more. This will help you build more personalized customer profiles that are then be targeted with relevant products and services in the future.

Are Chatbots just spam?

Do customers really like talking with a chatbot? The better question here is, do customers like getting answers to their questions and engaging with brands over messengers? You will be surprised. 67% of customers expect to communicate with businesses via messaging apps.

Our best tip: don’t even try to make your bot sound human.

No small talk. Keep it easy, short and simple.

Is Messenger Marketing GDPR compliant?

GDPR was rolled out on May 2018, and marketers and data protection junkies haven’t stopped talking about it since. GDPR impacts any company that has customers, servers, or is headquartered in Europe, meaning that all E-commerce stores that do international shipping are impacted. The good news is Messenger Marketing (when done correctly) is GDPR compliant. With messengers, it’s easier to ask your customers if they are willing to receive any product/brand based content. You can also give them the option to unsubscribe at any time in the future, should they decide to do so.

Are Messengers the new Email?

Even though Messenger has a 90% open rate and a 33% click-through rate, we refrain from making comparisons. No, e-mail is not dead and you should definitely not rule it out from your options. In fact, we recommend using them both together. One of our clients, Stay Cold Apparel sent their email subscribers to Messenger to enter a campaign and win a t-shirt. Truth is, the more channels you are available for your customers on, the better. Let your customers decide on which channel they prefer to interact and engage with your brand.

How is Messenger different?

When you are chatting with your customers (as opposed to broadcasting information at them), it empowers you to learn more about them as a consumer. Messengers are different because it supports media that many other channels don’t. With Messengers, you can create campaigns with multimedia videos, photos, Gifs, galleries and more. 

What about Multilingual Businesses?

Messenger, like many other channels, is multilingual and allows you to set up entry points and drip campaigns in multiple languages. For added effect, give your users the option in your permanent menu to change the language.

How can I get more customers with Messenger?

There are a lot of ways to get customers into your Messenger subscriber list. From customer website integrations to paid options, there are a lot of possibilities. Here’s a list of my personal favorites.

  • Send-to-Messenger Facebook Ads
  • Send-to-Messenger Instagram Ads
  • Website Popups, customer chat bubbles, etc.
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook posts and comments
  • Email Newsletter

Want to know the specifics here? Check out this webinar that goes through them all.

Automated Abandoned Cart Reminders

Send out automated reminders to subscribers who leave items in their cart and forget to check out. Chatchamp sets up abandoned cart reminders with three customizable messages and time delays. Make sure to make the reminders fun and branded with on-point copy and emojis. To increase conversion, add your discount codes to your second reminder to encourage the sale.

How to start using Messenger?

Now that we’ve answered (a good chunk of) questions, you must be wondering how tedious the process is and how long it can take. I was surprised by how simple the process is. I set up my first Messenger Marketing account within 15 minutes. Softwares like chatchamp for E-commerce has integrations with the most popular shop systems like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento that made it really easy. Custom integrations are also available and usually only take a day or two.

Getting started with Messenger Marketing


Truth is, it’s the golden window for Messenger Marketing because a lot of companies haven’t caught on yet, and open and click-through rates are still very high. E-commerce stores using Messenger Marketing are seeing fast returns and optimizing their campaigns to really engage and target their ideal customers. Want to see where these questions came from? Check out the 2019 Messenger Marketing review by Chatchamp. You can find another great article about Messenger Marketing and conversational commerce here.

Curious about Chatbots?
You want to implement WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger Bots for your business?
Check out Chatchamp for further examples how to use chatbots to generate more leads and increase your revenue. Feel free to book a demo with one of our experts to see how your business can implement and benefit from chatbots.

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