Messenger Marketing: The Ad You Need for Cyber Monday

“The best Facebook ad is the one that most e-commerce businesses aren’t using yet”
– Felix Belau, Messenger Marketing Expert


Advertisements on social media channels help attract visitors to your site on Cyber Monday and during the holidays but they definitely aren’t enough. A better way to increase sales in the short and long-term is to create a subscription environment on your E-commerce store (a website environment that promotes subscriber growth.) Subscribers can later be retargeted with abandoned cart reminders and updated via Messenger. Before the holidays, setting up these ads can help you stand out against competitors as well as improve your sales in the long run.

Engagement rates for Cyber Monday ads are high, with some stores seeing up to 80% more leads at 50% the cost of their regular Facebook ads. For Facebook Messenger Marketing, the average open rate is 90%, and the average click-through rate is around 30%. These higher open rates are rare in today’s environment where people are constantly blasted with ads.

Cyber Monday Marketing strategies for your e-commerce store should definitely include photo and video ads for Facebook in order to drive traffic to your e-commerce store before, on, and after Cyber Monday. With millions of stores pushing ads (and hundreds that are most likely selling a similar product to yours), this is the time to make your Facebook ad campaign stand out. And the way of doing that is by creating Send-to-Messenger ads. Send to Messenger Facebook ads not only bring people to your landing page, but they also allow you to retarget holiday shoppers after they’ve left your site with abandoned cart reminders, sale updates, and more.

What does the ad do? Click-to-Messenger Facebook ads are ads you can set up in your normal ads manager on Facebook. When a user clicks on them their Messenger pops up instead of redirecting them to your site. Once the user has interacted with the ad in Messenger they are now your subscriber. To help your ad even further it is recommended to use a messenger chatbot that will instantly talk to your customers and keep them engaged. You can use our services at Chatchamp to do so. Find out more about what is a chatbot with this article.

What constitutes a subscriber? Subscribers are visitors that have interacted with your ad, store, or anywhere else you’ve engaged with them via Messenger. Subscribers can be sent updates, retargeting messages (like abandoned cart reminders), and newsletters. Bringing users into your Messenger opens a 1:1 communicative channel that they can engage with your store via videos, galleries, quizzes, and more.

Why are Send-to-Messenger Facebook ads better? This type of Facebook ad generates higher amounts of leads at a fraction of the cost of a normal Facebook ad. Today things like email marketing are overpopulated and have little traction with customers. Looking to qualify and tag potential customers with attributes you can use for further targeting? Send-to-Messenger Facebook ads allow you to do this by tagging users based on their answers to questions in the chat. This messenger conversation is also a great customer service tool.

Setup for Send-to-Messenger Facebook ads is pretty easy when it comes to making your ad, but creating your bot and connecting the ad can be a bit challenging even for the seasoned Facebook ad marketer. Check out this video with seasoned Facebook Marketing Partner on the basics of setup for a Send-to-Messenger Facebook ad. Once your Facebook page is linked to the ad and the bot it’s easy. Notice how she tags users with attributes and at the same time, directs them to a different part of the chat based off of their answers. In this case, the user answers that they love tacos and based on that answer are directed to a chat about booking a trip to Mexico. These live chat features allow for higher conversion rates and can generate higher sales. Here is a deeper dive into how to use Facebook chatbots as a business.

You can make the most of your Messenger by tagging users with attributes. Via attributes, you can group subscribers and send them automated marketing messages based on their interests, demographics and more. Grouping your users into segments (groups) based off of their attributes (answers to your questions) allows you to do things like giving users the option to receive a newsletter once a week versus once a month, get updates on products they like, receive reminders about sales and promos on similar collections and more.

Using Facebook messenger marketing as a technique to grow your business on top of your existing strategy is a huge advantage. With Facebook having 6 million advertisers, there are only 300.000 chatbots operating. That’s a HUGE advantage to take above others! People use messaging apps more than any other app on their phones, and using that as a marketing channel is a great opportunity. Chatbots can help you generate leads. There are many other types of messenger campaigns that you can try out that could benefit your business.

Overall the important points to remember from the blog post are that implementing messenger marketing into your marketing strategy will allow you to grow a subscriber base. Using messenger chatbots will also benefit your business. This powerful marketing tool can send messages and have conversations will your customers which will keep them engaged and bring you more valuable information to target them in the future.

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