The 10 Best Facebook Messenger Bots

The following chatbots are all Facebook messenger chat bots that were widely successful and are in all areas of business. This shows how chatbots are tools that can be used in all industries to grow customer interaction and increase satisfaction rates. These brands all used different providers to build a bot for their campaigns. Facebook chatbots are a very powerful tool that give significant results. These case studies are all successful chatbot implementations.

1. Sephora Chatbot

The global beauty retailer launched a widely successful assistant bot in the US which allowed clients to book appointments through Messenger for makeovers. Sephora was one of the first beauty retailers to implement a chatbot and the goal of driving more in store visits was achieved! Through a simple 3 question interaction, people were able to book a makeover. This lead to an increase in bookings of 11%. This was done by giving your area code and then choosing a timeslot proposed by the bot. The CTA was a news feed Facebook Ad that targeted women between 18-49 interested in makeup related activities with a send to messenger button to start the interaction.

Continuing on their success Sephora just recently launched a chatbot which allows customers to try on makeup looks using the camera on their phone and an overlay filter. This allows customers to see what they would look like with that specific look straight in the messenger app.

2. MasterCard Messenger Bot

One of the leading Financial service providers, Mastercard, also decided to implement a chatbot for both customers and businesses. Mastercard implemented a customer service tool that was able to give clients insight on their spending details and on other FAQs like benefits or offers with Mastercard. It also allowed customers and merchants to make transactions through the chatbot. This allowed Mastercard to increase their customer service interaction and their facebook messenger bot created more engagement.  

3. Pizza Hut Chatbot

Pizza Hut saw messenger as an opportunity, instead of getting people to download another useless standalone app, they got their customers to use the facebook messenger chatbot as a channel to order pizzas. Through a simple question system, the client was able to order a pizza, reducing the steps made it far more appealing and fast for customers to order. Using data collection, they were also able to suggest new items or promotions to retarget customers and also franchisee up-sell possibilities.

4. Lego Chatbot

The toy manufacturer Lego used its creative genius to create a facebook messenger bot that allowed them to sell more products. They originally rolled out this chatbot during the Christmas season to help customers find the ideal gift. This chatbot named Ralph used simple questions to understand what the person was looking for and then suggested lego products that the customer could buy. This chatbot was so successful Lego went on to make it active year round. This personal shopper bot put some fun back into shopping and giving the shopper a helping hand using common questions and fun answers. Lego’s call to action was made through ads on their Facebook page shown in the feed. Using this campaign Lego had a 3.4x higher return on ad spend,71% lower cost per purchase and a 1.9x higher value for website purchases.

5. KLM Messenger Bot

The airline giant added messenger as a new contact channel for customers to gain information on their flight or other topics relating to customer care. KLM wanted to make it easier for customers to interact with them and to have conversations that built connections between the firm and the individual. Using messenger allowed customers to send personal information in a safe way. Just giving clients the opportunity to use Messenger increased interaction by 40% alone. They also used messenger as a way to communicate check-in updates, boarding passes, and flight status updates. This resulted in an increase of boarding passes being sent to messenger by 15% and also lead to customer satisfaction to increase.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Chatbot

Tommy used an ad campaign alongside its runway collection to enable consumers to buy directly what they saw in the video ads of the runway show on facebook. The way the ad worked was it presented a video clip from the runway event with engaging music and below this video, there was a gallery of clothing items that were present in the video. These items then expanded when clicked on and also showed many other related products. This campaign resulted in a 2.2x higher return on ad spend, 37% lower cost per visit on the website, and a 2x higher engagement rate.

7. Absolut Chatbot

The vodka giant Absolut used Facebook messenger bots to increase brand awareness as well as include a promotion for Lyft services. The campaign included a call to action which entailed an ad for a free cocktail. The messenger bot asked a few questions about where the person lived and what kind of cocktail they liked. This then gave them a redeemable code for a cocktail in partner bars and restaurants in the area. Once the cocktail was redeemed the messenger bot offered a Lyft ride back home. This was used to generate leads for Lyft as well as promote Absolut by giving people a free product. Overall this campaign was widely successful.

8. Marina Bay Sands Chatbot

The Singapore based luxury resort implemented a Facebook messenger bot to offer recommendations to current clients and future clients. It recommended products or services offered by the resort such as inclusive packages and restaurant recommendations. The live chat worked like a concierge in a way to give instant answers to frequently asked questions from customers. It also gave potential customers good insight on possibilities once at the resort. The chatbot also anticipated questions and gave follow up information based on those predictions. Overall this chatbot resulted in an 8.3x increase in new message conversations, 26x increase in daily active users on the bot, and a 38x increase in views for the Shop & Dine website content.

9. Disney Chatbot

Disney Created a chatbot based off of the movie Zootopia to give the younger audience an adventure to interact with and to solve a crime. The chatbot invited fans of the movie to join the main character on a crime-solving interaction using a series of questions and answers. This is definitely a fun and more innovative way to use chatbots.

10. NBC Chatbot

During the 2016 elections, NBC created a chatbot that allowed customers to choose what kind of content they want to see and get a daily update of news articles targeted to their interests. This took a new alternative to news consumption and although it was rather simplified, it opened a lot of opportunities to consume news content in the future. This also gave NBC very useful insight on what people wanted to read about.

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