The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are some of the best ads as they are mobile-friendly, they won’t break your bank, and they can be much more effective to reach your audience and generate quality leads. As 96% of Facebook users use a mobile device to use Facebook, it is important to understand how ads are perceived on mobile and which ads are most effective there. 

The following guide is going to tell you everything you need to know about lead ads and the best practices for making ads that turn views into customers. To understand everything that there is to know let’s start with the basics. 

What are Facebook Lead Generation ads

A Facebook lead gen ad is a type of advertising using a lead form to get viewers to fill out a form with their personal information within the Facebook interface. These forms will usually be prefilled as Facebook usually knows the information asked like name, age, number, email. The minimal effort required to complete this makes people more inclined to submit the form, making them the best format to capture leads. 

How to create a Facebook Lead Ad

Setting up a lead generation ad is not a very complicated process but it involves a few simple steps. 

It is important to remember to follow the lead ads policies from Facebook and to make sure your form is in check with them. Facebook has a full in-depth guide on how to make a form. You will start from the facebook business website for your facebook page. When creating a new ad in the Facebook ad manager, you’ll first create a new form in the form library. Following this you’ll choose what options you wish the person to fill out (Name, Age, Address, DOB, email address, etc.), you can also choose to have them fill out custom questions. Next, you’ll have to include a link to your company’s privacy policy. After this, you have the possibility of customizing the thank you screen to make it more relevant to your brand. When your lead ad is live, people who click on the ad will get this form pop up you just created. This form can also be used on Instagram.

How much do Facebook Lead ads cost

Facebook gives very flexible prices for ads and allows companies to choose from many options to create a lead ad. When pricing a lead ad it’s important to remember the audience size you have chosen. If the target audience is too large and not specific enough to your market then your ad will most likely fail and your CPL will be very high. Facebook lead ads are fully customizable in terms of budget, you can choose a daily budget or an overall budget. The advantage of using Facebook is that your audience and the ad itself are the main influencers of your ad results. Budget doesn’t affect the success of the ad, it only affects how long this ad will be displayed and the reach. 

Best Facebook Lead Ads

Now that you know how lead gen ads work and how to create them let’s take a look at what kind of strategies are most likely to create leads. There are different techniques people have found to be the most successful in their industry. Some of these tips can be applied to your industry or can be an inspiration on how your company could generate good leads. 

The first recommendation is to create a form with the least amount of steps possible, keeping it contained in a few simple steps. Making the process as frictionless as possible will most likely lead to more qualified leads. When making these forms a tip is to make one of the first questions in the form something very obvious like “Do you want to save 50% on your first purchase?” Stating an obvious question like this re-enforces the lead and may help secure a purchase. 

Another recommendation is to make the first one or two questions specific in a way that you can right away understand the intent of the person filling out the form. Further in the article, there will be an example of how BMW did this to target the leads better. 

The next good tip about using lead ads is to use them as a tool to promote upcoming events you may have. Promoting a webinar is a great lead generation tool. Using a lead gen tool can be a useful ad campaign, as marketers know, webinars are vastly successful to generate leads but the struggle is getting people to show up in the first place. Using lead gen forms instead of a seperate landing page allows the contact information to be prefilled by Facebook making the CTA much simpler for the user.

Using a gallery or carousel in your lead ad will also help you generate more leads. This is a result of the psychology behind marketing. People are more likely to do something when exposed to it many times. Using a carousel ad allows the user to see more than one possibility from your company which may reinforce the CTA. 

The last tip that has been shown to give good results is to make the CTA to good to be true by using deals or promotions. Today we see many ads that offer deals but the problem is that they are not very original. The best way to get a good lead is to make the ad creative in a way that would seem stupid to say no to. This includes using tactics like buy one get one or even free item only pay shipping. Using a lead ad campaign like this will most likely lead to great conversion into your sales funnel. 

Facebook Lead Ad examples

Now we will finally look at how some companies have turned lead ads into very successful Facebook ad campaigns! 

First we have BMW UK which used targeted questions to be able to immediately understand their customers.

This question was used to determine the urgency of the potential purchase and when customers responded with a short period of time the next page prompted them to book a test drive. This immediately drove them (no pun intended) down the sales funnel. 

Another great example of a company using one of these tips was MakerBot who used a specific and targeted ad to sell more 3D printers. The deal was that if someone was to buy 2 printers they’d get a 3rd one for free. This ad was targeted towards educational institutions like schools and this was reflected in the ad.

What made this offer possible was that the free printer was actually a refurbished model. This model wouldn’t sell for that much and the other compensated for that free model. The form in this ad also opened by asking what kind of education institute the customer was to better target them also. This really made the ad very successful in generating quality leads. 


The Milwaukee Bucks Basketball team also made a great lead gen ad when they used an attractive opening line of guaranteeing seats for a very anticipated rematch. The opening question asked if the person filling out the form wished to skip the line and be the first to get tickets. This obvious question reinforced the feeling of wanting to purchase a ticket. 

What to Remember about Facebook lead ads

Overall the importance of lead generating ads on Facebook are vast. This way of getting personal information out of potential customers is much simpler for the user as Facebook largely prefills the information required and it keeps the users on the same site reducing the dropout rate. Using lead ads effectively will result in an increase in qualified leads that are much more likely to purchase your products. Using a software like Chatchamp which has built-in lead generating tools can allow companies to turn potential customers into actual customers. Using Facebook messenger ads is a great alternative to lead ads that are as successful and bring you the advantage of keeping the conversation alive past the original interaction. Using chatbots brings many other advantages that help you grow your business

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