Looking Back at 2018 Messenger Marketing Trends

2018 was a crazy year for Messenger Marketing where some of the biggest brands started using messengers like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and WeChat to communicate with their customers. Additionally, this year saw the first ever Messenger Marketing Conference in Cologne, Germany as well as other conferences in San Francisco, Texas, and more.

Some top trends of 2018 included larger percentages of E-commerce stores using chatbubbles for customer service, many integrations into various marketing tools and CRMs, and the rise in the number of best practices, templates, webinars, and resources for marketers. Here are a few of my favorite trends from 2018 as well as the messenger campaign ideas that you’ll want to steal for your next newsletter and broadcast.

2018 Lead Generation with Facebook Messenger

Wasn’t big news that in 2018 businesses were gathering customer information (email, phone number, address, website, etc) in Messenger and sending it to their CRM via Webhook. The big change that came in 2018 was the ability to tag subscribers with attributes based on their engagement with the bot and use that tag information to group subscribers into segments for further targeting.

This furthered the advantage that messenger has over email marketing.

Some of the most successful 2018 campaigns from chatchamp were those which changed the copy to fit branding and used retargeting to remind users to finish their qualification quiz.

Engagement Newsletters

In 2018, Facebook supported multimedia (video, gallaries, gifs, etc) and tagging users with attributes for further targeting. Sending out targeted newsletters based on customer website interactions and activities in Messenger and your website.

The best way to make this high-converting is to offer every subscriber the option to unsubscribe or change their newsletter status to monthly, bimonthly, etc. Another best practice from 2018 is to keep newsletters under 5 messages. Spamming is one of the reasons email has declined so much and avoiding that at all costs in messenger is a must!

Retargeting Abandoned Carts

In 2018, over 75% of carts were abandoned before checkout. When you have Messenger Marketing, you can retarget up to 30% of them with messages directly to the customer’s phone. Abando

ned cart reminders in Facebook Messenger have an open rate of about 80%, compared to email abandoned cart reminders which have an open rate of around 10%.

Best practice here dictates that you make sure your copy fits your brand. More importantly, be careful about how you offer discounts here, to avoid teaching bad behavior, offer the discount code on the second or third reminder.


Automated Services

In 2018, we can send shipping updates, order confirmations, purchase follow-ups, frequently asked questions, and a lot more automated services to subscribers. Keeping these messages short and sweet is a must-do. Also, to increase subscriber growth you can offer shipping updates in messengers in your product and check-out page.

My Favorite 2018 Messenger Campaign Ideas

Flash sales

This one is probably my favorite and easiest to set-up. Set up a discount code in your shop and send out a broadcast that for the next 1-3 hours that code is valid. This is a great way to reward brand loyalty and prevent unsubscribing.

Holiday Quizzes that Recommend a Product

This is such a cute and fun way to recommend products. Ask subscribers questions about their holiday plans and gift preferences, tag them based on their answers, then recommend a line of products. Later in the year, send them promotional messages based on their gift preferences, location, and other attributes.

Get Your Cart Ready Contest

I saw this one from a beauty brand that had a contest for a 3 hour e-shopping spree on their site, they had a pop-up on their site, a Facebook post, and a newsletter update where customers could opt-in for the contest. After subscribing they received a confirmation message where they could get their cart ready for the contest. Not only did this contest grow their subscriber base, but it was also their most profitable campaign in Facebook Messenger.


All in all, 2018 was the first year of serious creative innovation in Messenger Marketing. Now that the technical side of things is all squared away and companies can use these services very easily, I’m seeing that 2019 will be a seriously innovative year for campaign messages, Whatsapp, and a lot more.

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